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Access and Facilities

  - all of our hangars and display buildings are on one level so do not present an entry problem

 - we have some wheelchairs available to borrow if you do not want to bring your own

 - car parking spaces are indicated and disabled bays are close to the Shop and hangars

 - the three main hangars, including the NAAFI, are under cover and interlink. The Shop is next door and several display rooms featuring local aviation can be reached this way

 - the NAAFI has only light refreshments for sale, such as cakes, scones, crisps, hot/cold drinks but the Buck Inn near our front gate can provide hot meals - check opening days/times (01986 892382). Around a mile either side of the museum along the B1062 there are other venues that also provide hot meals

 - toilets (one disabled) are next to the first hangar and NAAFI.

 - the buildings for RAF Bomber Command, RAF Coastal Command & Air-Sea Rescue, Royal Observer Corps, and 446th Bomb Group USAAF, are within a short walk

 - the Adair Walk, a raised boardwalk to the river, is to the rear of the site and stretches some 350 yards (320m)

 - dogs are permitted on our site and in all buildings except the Shop (and rooms beyond) but must be on a lead at ALL times, and any fouling MUST be removed

 - we do not charge admission but there are donation boxes conveniently positioned in all buildings and your support will be greatly appreciated. An attraction of our size would likely charge in the region of £4-£6 per person

 - we have a large collection so expect to spend a couple of hours at least looking around, and you may need to make a return trip to see it all. Our collection is growing daily so you will find something new on every occasion - there are some "hands-on" activities in the hangars for children, and a small sit-in fun aircraft and boat outdoors. When members are present in the Link Trainer Room it might be possible to have a "flight" in a WWII simulator for a donation

 - there are several "B&B" venues near to the museum - see our "where to stay" section

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