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Austin Champ

Austin Champ

Service Reg. 85BE29

Built in 1954 and struck off charge in March 1966. Introduced in 1951 for the British Army and Royal Marines to replace the Jeep, and in-turn replaced by the Land Rover. Gifted (dismantled) by the IWM in 2012, and restored by member Tom Lofty.

Aktiv ST4 Snowtrack

Aktiv ST4 Snowtrack Tracked Cargo Vehicle

Service Reg. 62RN69

Built 1975 in Sweden as a heli-portable, over-snow vehicle. Chassis number 1905. Gifted by the Royal Marines Museum.  Fully restored by Phillip Chatfield, son of Major John Chatfield (Inspector of Motor Transport) who was responsible for the selection, trials and introduction of the type to the Royal Marines late in 1969.

Bristol Bloodhound

Bloodhound MkI  S.A.M. MISSILE

Bloodhound MkII Type 86 Radar  – made by Ferranti Ltd.

Radar Unit Serial No.104

Designed by the Bristol Aeroplane Co. and entered service with the RAF in 1959. Acquired from RAF West Raynham in 1987. The radar unit is the most complete example existing, having been sent to RSRE Malvern (Pershore) for trials work.  Withdrawn from service in 1991. Gifted by Newark Air Museum.

Civil Defence Office

Civil Defence Corps Signal Office (Small)


 This vehicle body was stored on Raydon airfield by the Home Office for many years in readiness for a national emergency.  Donated in 2003 and now restored, it would have been mounted on a Fordson ET6 lorry chassis.

Clarkat BHeavy Aircraft Tug

Clarkat  B Heavy Aircraft Tug

Serial CK431484

Shipped to Columbus ASF Depot, Ohio, on 4 December 1943 and came to the UK with the US armed forces. Fully restored by member David Dawson.

Low Pressure Pneumatic Servicing Trolley

Low Pressure Pneumatic Servicing Trolley Mk 1


Believed to be pre-WWII but with later wheels.

Mercury Tug

Mercury Tug

Chassis No. 5045

Built by the Mercury Truck And Tractor Coy, Gloucester.  Believed to have served with British Rail but depicted here as an airport tug and is painted in the scheme and "G-HEVE" markings it had when at Ellough/Beccles Heliport. 

Morris Mk1 Light Reconnaissance Car

Morris MK1 Light Reconnaissance Car


War Dept. No. 4751176

Maker's No. 982

Introduced for the Army in 1941 by the Nuffield Organisation.  Built in1942. Manufacturer’s No.982 . Used by the RAF Regiment in the UK and overseas and painted as such.  Armament: BREN light machine gun and Boys Anti-Tank Rifle, plus Enfield No.4 rifles for 3-man crew. The IWM obtained it from the Whitehall Theatre, London, (who imported it from Portugal) and, after lengthy display at Duxford, gifted it to us in 2012. 

Pundit Light

Pundit Light - Air Ministry Trailer Airfield Identification Beacon

Reg: 05AW77   AM

 Ref: 16A/2571 Mk3

This is complete and incorporates a Coventry-Victor engine and generator; it was used to flash an airfield call-sign in Morse Code. Found on Mersea Island, Essex, and donated in 2002.  

Reliance Mercury Tug

Reliance Mercury Tug

Chassis No. 000133-3214

 Engine/Motor No. ED13817U588840J

 Gear Box No. 714-1166

We do not have any historical information on this vehicle.

Servicing and Repair Trolley

Servicing and Repair Trolley


Reconstructed from an original pre-WWII wheeled chassis

Foam TenderThorneycroft Foam Tender

Thorneycroft Nubian Pyrene Mk202 Foam Tender

Reg. No.: VYO417G/ J2522 (Jersey)/  Q368KEW 

Built between 1964-1968, and was once fitted with a 3-ton dry powder unit - also used for light water demos. for the MOD, and a Pyrene demonstrator.  Has a Rolls-Royce engine, and bodywork originally painted red.  Thought to have been trialled by the RAF as a replacement for the Mk.6 but not adopted; was at Filton during the Concorde maiden and test flights, and may have been at Farnborough.  Went to Jersey Airport Fire Service - painted yellow - as J2522 with call-sign “Crash 66” in October 1969, and served there until donated to IWM Duxford in March 1984.  Then donated to Flixton by the Norfolk Fire Museum following storage at Bressingham.

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