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Ditchingham Maltings

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  • The maltings in the 1960s
    Maltings in the 1960s
  • The maltings in the 1960s
    Maltings in the 1960s
  • The fire that destroyed the buildings
    The fire

The bricks shown here were saved during the demolition of the Maltings in late 2012 thanks to the help and co-operation of the builders P.J. Livesey Group Ltd., of Manchester; Alison MacNab and John Packman, Broads Authority; Adrian Gunson, Norfolk County Council; Bungay Branch British Legion; Beccles R.A.F. Association; Beccles & Bungay Journal; B.B.C. Look East.. The bricks are now on show in the museum.

Initially built as a silk works, the complex was converted and expanded as a maltings producing malt for local breweries. During World War Two it was first used by Ditchingham Home Guard then in 1943 to 1945 it was modified as a U.S.A.A.F. Storage Depot with loading bays, accommodation, cooking, dining, administration and M.T. Maintenance facilities with over 100 men stationed there.

Officially named Station Q-104 U.S.A.A.F. The following units were based there:-

•       2212 Quartermasters Truck Company

•       335 Quartermasters Depot Company

•       3038 Quartermasters Bakery Company

•       3584 Quartermasters Truck Company

•       A Medical Detachment

Their work was to transport bombs, fuses, equipment and components to local airfields.

American Red Cross Clubmobiles frequently brought doughnuts and coffee.

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List of personnel based at Ditchingham Maltings

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